God Save The KING

2020 (Golden Core/ZYX Music)

Now the new work of the cult band God Save The King is released on Golden Core/ZYX. Fans can look forward to gripping and conclusive songs of a powerful, natural and honest production. After all these years, Dygitals never lost their joy of playing, which transfers to the listener with full energy, while the band keeps on sticking to their unmistakable style.


01. Intro

02. Victorian Days

03. Early Days

04. The Father King

05. Love And Faith

06. Stammerer

07. When The Father's Gone

08. God Save The King 1

09. God Save The King 2

10. Darkest Hours

11. Final War (Intro)

12. Final War

13. Outro


Bonus tracks

14. Leaving (Demo)

15. Love Is A War (Demo)

16. Time To Be Wild (Demo)

17. Please Stay (Demo)

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2015 (Mausoleum Records)

"Dynamite", the brand-new album scheduled for release on the Mausoleum Records label in May 2015, was produced, engineered and mixed by Didier Chesneau at his MII Recording Studio, based in Forainvillier Dreux in France. "Dynamite" marks the return of the band to its glorious form.

01. Dynamite
02. 30 Years Of Rock
03. No Speed Limit
04. Sin City
05. Everybody Knows
06. Will You Help Me
07. No Way Out
08. We Wanna Live Free
09. Don’t Want To Let You Down
10. End Of The Story

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Ave ...

2012 (Brennus Music)

01. Killing Machine
02. Running
03. Green Man
04. Not Alone
05. Reason To Live
06. Stars of Life
07. Roses on my Grave
08. Free Me
09. Play with Me
10. Brand New Day
11. Big Enough
12. Believe in Rock'n Roll
13. Avé César (Bonus)

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(Golden Core/ZYX Music)
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30 Years Of Rock (2018) Mausoleum Records.
Everybody Knows (2017) Mausoleum Records.
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