from left to right

Alain Clouet (Drums)

Kevin Obron (Bass Guitar)

Jean-Marc Lavayssière (Rythm Guitar)

Hervé Traisnel (Lead Vocals)
Jolly Roger (Lead Guitar)

"DYGITALS is one of the best modern Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal band that has managed to still stay true to its roots and are able to belt out albums which can please the old school connoisseurs. With their self-titled 4th album, they really hit the nail on the coffin as everything of offer here is a treat to old school Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans, as the band blends melody and heaviness taking you into a nostalgic 80s trip that you will never forget."


- www.metal-temple.com -

"In  my  opinion  Dygitals  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  hard  rock  and  heavy  metal "


- undergroundmusickzine -

"I would say the album is quite explosive!"


- www.truemetallives.com -

"DYGITALS has to retain that it's with DYNAMITE, they have just released one of the best albums of Hard rock / US " made in France ", if it is not the best moreover"


- sleazethiscity.com -

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