The story of DYGITALS began in February 1984, when guitar player Khalid decided to look through the classified ads for musicians to join him a band. After one rehearsal, he joined EUNECT, a band formed by Pascal (bass guitar), Hervé (vocals)) and Laurent “Bacou” (drums).

The young band had to face its first line-up change when Laurent and Pascal left. The rest of them decided to carry on as DYGITALS.

Later, Alain (drums) and Gérard (bass) joined Dygitals. The band was still missing a second guitarist until David’s arrival in July 1984 thus ensuring a stable line up.

In October 1984, the band gave their first concert in Tremblay-les-Gonesses, opening for rock band DEMON EYES.

In November 1984, after several months of rehearsals, Dygitals decided to record their first 16-track demo which included two songs “La malédiction” and “Coupable”. Following this first studio experience, the band started to write new songs.

Keen to improve their studio sound, DYGITALS decided, in January 1985, to produce a 4-song demo featuring the titles “Avé César”, “Sacrifice”, “Superstar” and “Illusion”. DYGITALS played in a very heavy style, influenced by bands like IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT etc….

After several concerts, DYGITALS went to Belgium in May 1985, to record two songs (“Avé César” and “She’s OK”) at the PYRAMIDES studio. Both titles would appear on the HMP “French Connection” compilation (Madrigal Records).

In June 1985, DYGITALS played at the Festival of Tremblay-les-Gonesse, with BLASPHEME and ATTENTAT ROCK, to an audience of 1,500. The band also played in the now renowned “The France Festival”, in Choisy le Roi in July 1985.

By the end of 1985, guitarist Khalid Karbichi had left the band and DYGITALS decided to go on with one guitar player.

In early 1986, the band recorded a new demo with three new songs, now in English.

DYGITALS played many gigs in the Paris region and in other French cities including Lyon, Tours, Chambery, and Vichy.

During the summer of 1986, DYGITALS played at the Sun Festival in the arenas of Bayonne, sharing the line-up with American band JOSHUA among others.

The same year, DYGITALS were ranked among the 10-best new french bands in a poll organised by ENFER MAGAZINE. Unlike the other nominees, DYGITALS had no official release to their credit.

In early 1987, Gérard Robin left DYGITALS and Laurent Bigot replaced him on bass. His arrival was followed by several concerts — in Grenoble, Paris, Lille and other towns and cities across France.

Keyboard player Xavier Vasseur joined the gang in 1987 and left in 1988 after several more concerts … DYGITALS’ music evolved increasigly into a more US Heavy Metal style, influenced by BON JOVI, DEF LEPPARD, RATT andothers …

From September 1987 to April 1988, DYGITALS alternately performed in concerts and studio sessions (MAYA, COULEURS and MARCADET). Their first album “Love Games”, was recorded and mixed, but was never released.

Then, during the summer of 1988, the members of DYGITALS flew to Los Angeles for several gigs in clubs including GAZZARRI’S and the WHISKY A GOGO.

Back in France in early 1989, DYGITALS were back in France, playing GIBUS in Paris and shows in the city of Tours. DYGITALS also recorded a new demo.

Finally, in late 1990, despite an obvious professionalism, the members of DYGITALS decided to put an end to the adventure, still without having released an album, …

In 1992, Hervé and Alain wrote and recorded a new demo with four songs, including Love Is A war, Leaving, Time To be Wild.

In 1998, “Stars of life”, a song from the album the band recorded back in 1987, was selected to appear on the “Revolution Hard rock” compilation (Axe Killer Records), along with some of the most famous French Rock Bands of the 80s.

2000: A 6-year separation enabled each member of DYGITALS to work on different projects. Hervé and David wrote and recorded 19 new compositions. 2002: “First Lap”, an instrumental by David, appeared on the “Guitar Attitude Vol 2” compilation (XIIIbis Record).

2004: Hervé and David wrote and recorded several songs. Home Made Records released the album in 2005 called “Imagine”.

In 2007 Hervé and Alain decided to give DYGITALS another chance right after they’ve recorded a few songs.

In 2008, David and Xavier are now back in the band on guitar, with new member Jack, on bass.

After a few months of rehearsals, the band gave a private showcase in May 2010. The concert was filmed and with the enthusiastic approval of the crowd, they decided to carry on the adventure.

REg Augaudy joined the band in September 2011 as the second guitar player.

The band played at the Paris Metal France Festival IV in Paris in January 2012. Few concerts later the band has recorded 13 and signed with Brennus-Music. The album “Ave …” has been released in October 2012.

Dygitals played also at the Paris Metal France Festival V in January 2013.

In April 2014, Jean-Marc Lavayssière joined DYGITALS and replace REg Augaudy.

In September 2015, Dygitals signed a record deal with the Belgian pioneer Heavy Metal label “Mausoleum Records”. The album “Dynamite” is released on May 2015 worlwide. The record is warmly welcomed by the international press.

2016, David and Jack left the band. Soon joined by Julien Lambert and Kevin Obron (bass guitar), the band went back to work and released in February 2017 a video for the song “Everybody Knows”.

2018, Jolly Roger (Lead Guitar) joined the band. Dygitals started to work on the new project. A concept-Album dedicated to the King George VI.

In 2019 the band recorded the new album “God Save The King” at Studio 7e Ciel (Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France), mixed and mastered in January 2020.

June 2020. DYGITALS Hes signed a record deal with the German label Golden Core/ZYX Music.